Research Leader Links 2016

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This page supports the final day of the Research Leader programme at the University of Edinburgh and combines the discussions from the two cohorts in 2016 – one from the College of Science and Engineering, the other from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. As the programmes are slightly different, there may be some links on topics which weren’t covered in your programme, but I’ve included them as I believe they will be of interest or value. This isn’t a terribly pretty page, but hopefully the value of having all the links in one place will overcome its aesthetic limitations.

Insights from senior staff

The notes from Andy Mount and Lydia Plowman have been emailed separately. Let me know if you didn’t receive these or have lost track of them. Another interesting perspective from a senior academic in another institution comes from Glenn Lyons at the University of West of England in a blog post in which he shares his ideas for preparing for the next REF.

Strategic Context

Impact Acceleration – talk to your research support contact about this and whether it is a potential source of funding for ideas

Time and priority management

Saying NO – there are umpteen blog posts on how to say no, but these are written with an academic perspective

Finding Focus – the Unstuck blog and app regularly posts on the theme of being more effective. This post is on staying focused in a distracting world.

Time management advice from academics

We Have to Talk – a guide to difficult conversations

Getting the most out of meetings:

Effective Supervision

Griffith questionnaire on expectations in supervision

Two examples of research culture online

Raising your profile

Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy – open shortly (and not for long) for applications for 2016

The Conversation – many Edinburgh researchers have contributed articles

Ten starting points to get your head around Twitter (this site)

A guide to engaging people in your publications (this site)

Graphical Abstracts – guidelines from the Cell Press journal which now asks for a graphical abstract and Elsevier (very biological!)


Unity – a platform for sharing data and ideas (New site so not sure of how effective it is, but seems more secure than most as linked to your MyED profile)

Edinburgh Datashare

NIH Office of the Ombudsmen – includes the guide to difficult conversations (see above) but also a sample partnering agreement covering aspects of collaboration with the potential to lead to conflict

Confusion in Collaboration (this site) questions to help demystify your collaborators and their interests