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The last few weeks have been a huge learning curve for me on social media. Even though I’ve been a user of various sites for many years, I’ve learnt how to use these in a pretty haphazard way – observing the clever tricks of others and trying to copy them.

What has struck me is the amazing quality of advice that is out in the ether. There is a brilliant culture of sharing expertise and new ideas.

I hope I can add to this – we’ve always put our slides on our home site, but the tools and apps that are now out there will allow us to do this in a more professional and accessible way.

First up is the workshop I’m delivering in Utrecht next week on….

Social Media and Your Career
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These slides may not make such sense now but I needed to master the technique of posting! I’ll be annotated them during the workshop and posting a version with more text following the discussions the session has been designed around.

3 things I’ve learnt just today
1. you can edit your LinkedIn profile address so it looks like this rather than containing lots of random letters and numbers
Thanks to
2. There are more excellent free graphics websites out there than I’d imagined and I’m slowly weaning myself off Google images. Best of the day was PSD Graphics – you’ll recognise many of these in the presentation above.
3. After much dithering I now get the point of delicious and have started a collection of links for the NWO workshop group. 

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing the workshop handout and getting that on-line as well!

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