Here are the slides from the London Launch event on September 16th 2015.


The speakers gave advice on all aspects of the funding process and we’re extremely grateful to them for not just agreeing to support the event, but for also staying for much longer than their presentation slots to answer questions from the audience.


Sara’s Introduction  – overview of the guide and some key points about the process of investigating and understanding the funding landscape

Andrew le Masurier, STFC – overview of the schemes for early career researchers and key points about successful applicants

James Dracott, EPSRC – overview of the schemes for early career researchers and wider context about the EPSRC’s funding portfolio

Anne Pawsey, University of Aberdeen – advice on building skills and creating opportunities as a PhD student and the value of mentoring

Stuart Mangles, Imperial College – advice on fellowship applications and what can follow

Sally Day, UCL – the view of the reviewer and advice on the funding process

Cait MacPhee, University of Edinburgh – inside the panel and advice on fellowship interviews


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