Girl Geeks wear entrepreneurial knickers

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After a fabulous weekend with the Girl Geeks I’m now posting the outcomes of our very funny, but very serious discussion on the behaviours women need to be successful entrepreneurs. 

The origins of the knickers lie in de Bono’s thinking hats. They started life as entrepreneurial hats after extensive research* into entrepreneurial behaviours.  Once I’d come up with a list that I felt reflected the many facets of being a woman in business, I started to think about how these related to colours. 

Then something great happened. Developing a creativity weekend has exposed me to so many ideas and techniques for being creative that I was infected. One morning I woke up and thought ***knickers!***


So, the entrepreneurial knickers were born. They may be a creation of the moment and go no further.


They may mutate into a giant monster with a life of its own. Who knows?


Let’s just enjoy them for now.



and remember Girl Geeks – don’t take off those superstar knickers!


S x



*For “extensive research” read Google

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