Enterprising Women

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This page supports the Enterprising Women programme which I run at the University of Edinburgh and which was developed by myself and Janet Wilkinson.

Here’s where I’ll post useful links and any ideas which connect to the themes that we looked at on the three days. For those of you who haven’t attended the course, the themes are:

  • creativity
  • comfort with cash
  • control


For creativity, I’m going to be lazy and link you to the existing pages on this site which cover this topic as well as the site I developed from the original Girls Geeks workshop which was the “grandmother” of Enterprising Women.

Creativity – different for me, different for you a fairly old blog post but covers my creativity philosophy

Deadly 50 – the introducing yourself activity which we do

The Entrepreneurial Knickers post  and the website that grew out of them…

http://www.entrepreneurialknickers.com/ (yes, really)

Comfort with Cash

The two books I recommended were

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

(both pretty cheap on Kindle and highly recommended although best not to read in public as there are lots of “D’Oh – I do that!” moments in them both)

We looked briefly at the Research Professional site which you can use to search for funding opportunities. If you access the site from within the University you should be able to search without a login.

If the University mystifies you as much as it did me when I worked there and you’re a postdoc, why not go to the next Get Connected event in January and find out exactly who does what.

We talked about Athena Swan as a facilitator for improving equality but also as a potential opportunity to demonstrate leadership if you get involved in this in your school or institute. Contact your local champion once you’ve got to grips with the ethos of the award.

Many of you were keen to make more of social media, LinkedIn in particular, but not sure where to start. There are lots of guides including the excellent ones on LinkedIn itself. Here are a few:





Finally, many careers services will have their own guides, but I have a particular regard for the Careers Service at Manchester, particularly their support for researchers:


I mentioned a guide I’d seen which helped people make the transition from Facebook to LinkedIN – I haven’t been able to find this on the web so it may be very out of date, but here is a copy of it from my archive.

From Facebook to LinkedIn

The first “call out” to something generated by one of our enterprising women is the MODON research site established by Nathalie.


Keen to feature more here so please send me any links!


The final day is in December – stay posted!

(We’ll almost certainly refer to this at some point…)