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Another follow up from the amazing and inspiring Girl Geeks’ creativity weekend.


I always start my workshops by getting people to introduce themselves (assuming there are less than 40 people in the room, although that would be a very easy way to make a living….). During these introductions I’m often struck by the amount of preamble this generates and often how little really interesting information comes across. The people we work with are brilliant – they are bright and capable and have usually achieved amazing things, but we don’t tend to keep our headlines at our fingertips.


I’m as guilty of this as anyone, so from now I’m changing my introduction to a deadly 50. In 50 words I’m going to convey who I am, what I do and why I’m in the room. I’m also going to make it a goal to use these words consistently in my marketing, tweets and workshops.


Here’s an updated version of the one I came up with on the weekend:


I’m Sara, company director of SHINTONCONSULTING.COM  which offers Training and Development to intelligent people. We build better careers by helping people

develop relevant skills;

become politically aware;

have confidence;

think strategically;

develop brilliant networks;

communicate effectively;

manage their time and energy

and make the right choices. 


I’m going to keep fine tuning, but I’m pretty happy with this, especially the “intelligent people” bit. 


Even better it’s actually a Deadly 40.


So what can I do with my new Deadly 50/40 whatever? 


I’ve edited my Twitter biog and will do the same with other company descriptors. I’ll start to use the words consistently in slides, articles and other disseminated material. I’ll pass them on to my wonderful web guy so he can add them as tags and key words in my website. I’ll start thinking about associated images to use in presentations and my postcards and handouts. Hopefully this will bring some coherence to our brand and help people to find us and understand what we do. 


Now I just have to improve the 140 character version….


And if you were wondering, Deadly 50 came to me after watching Deadly 60 repeatedly with my kids. Not that I’m complaining 

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