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Where does my time go? Before we can start to change our time management habits we need to understand the context in which things are going wrong. We need to have an accurate insight into the choices we make on a daily basis which are sabotaging our good intentions. We need to look for pattens […]

Research Leader Links 2016

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This page supports the final day of the Research Leader programme at the University of Edinburgh and combines the discussions from the two cohorts in 2016 – one from the College of Science and Engineering, the other from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. As the programmes are slightly different, there may be some […]


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This page supports a series of short workshops which ran during the UKRMP Postdoc Retreat in March 2016. We looked (very briefly in half a day!) at four main themes. For each one the slides from the workshop are included (in most cases we looked at a tiny fraction of the slides and information I […]

Research Ventures 2014

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Research Ventures is an annual programme which aims to developing enterprising thinking in Scottish researchers. The slides from this year’s programme are below: Research Ventures 2014 – Sara Shinton’s introductions to each day Broadening ideas – the creative thinking session Networking    

Leaky Buckets

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I’ve been running workshops supporting new (and aspiring) principal investigators/research leaders for about ten years. Over that time the content of the workshops has developed and as some topics fade from relevance, others become more important. The latest addition is resilience. There are two ways of looking at this – either that it’s a depressing […]

Academic Career Planning – seek advice and ye shall find…

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Despite the challenges facing the academic sector across Europe – reduced funding, increased competition for posts and the eternal “post-doc” problem, an academic career is still the aspiration of many early career researchers. My work brings me i…