Twitter – your first ten follows

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Today is Twitter’s tenth birthday so it feels timely to write a post that’s been brewing for a while. Increasingly people I meet in researcher development workshops have come around to the idea of using twitter to support their activities as a researcher, so the discussions are less “what’s the point?” and more “where do […]

A badge of honour?

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Yesterday I spoke at the “Taking Control of your Career” event for the Institute of Physics (there’s another blog based on the day here). The event was aimed at young female physicists and it’s perhaps inevitable that the topic of imposter syndrome came up. As I listened to the first speaker, Dame Professor Athene Donald […]

Networking – benefits for young researchers

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This blog post is principally written for the PhD students who attended the SULSA Young Scientists’ Event in May 2013. However, the links and themes will be relevant to any researcher interested in developing their networking, collaborative and communication skills. This is the first post which will focus on networking. I’ve previously blogged on the […]

Planning and Managing a PhD

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This post is to support the project management, managing your PhD and getting started with your PhD workshops we run for students. If you attended one of these workshops, you???ll have been told how to access the slides (via email or on Blackboard…

Creativity – different for me, different for you

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As the Christmas break approaches in the UK and we are enjoying our first real fall of snow in Southern Scotland, there is a real ???end of term??? sense in the air. A good time therefore to focus on a skills/attribute/behavior that really benefits fr…

Confident Networking

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The natural networker is at an advantage in the modern world where relationships and connectivity are so vital. The rest of us can reflect on the behaviours and habits of life’s “schmoozers” and apply these to improve our own personal impact. This…

Social Media: Need convincing?

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Today I’m working with a group of researchers the value of social media to their careers and doctoral training. A short workshop can only scratch the surface, but hopefully in this post I can point to a range of sites and share my thoughts on why …

Something special in researcher training

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In about an hour I’ll be kicking off the 2011 Edinburgh GRADschool. For those of you not familiar with the term, this is an intensive, residential course aimed at 2nd and 3rd year PhD students at UK universities. During the next 4 days, students w…

Social Media – slides and notes

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The first two “showings” of my new Social Media and your Career workshop happened yesterday in Utrecht. Many thanks to all who attended and made them such a success. By sticking to the core principle of a workshop about careers and introducing soc…

Social Media and your Career tamed

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After a lot of research (most of which was a classic display of displacement activity) I’ve finished the first draft of a short workshop on “Social Media and your Career”. It’s taken a lot more preparation than many of my workshops because I felt …