You’ll find details and links to more of our publications on Sara’s page – this gives details of book chapters, articles and even peer reviewed papers from the depths of time.

If you are interested in accessing supporting materials from our workshops, please go to the blog or fellowship pages.

Since establishing Shinton Consulting in July 2000, Dr Sara Shinton has focused on helping people to reach their potential in the academic sector. Dr Keith Morgan joined in 2005 and in April 2006 we formed Shinton Consulting Ltd. Over the last 13 years we’ve worked with a wide range of institutions and organisations. Most of our activity is in delivering training, but we also write for websites and traditional publication.

The nature of the web is that written submissions are updated and replaced on a regular basis, but in the past we’ve written for…

The UK GRAD programme which became Vitae – Sara wrote much of the Just for Postgrads section of the original site.

Sara wrote “What Do PhDs Do?” in 2002. At that time it was the first statistical analysis of doctoral destinations in the UK.  Keith and Sara wrote a second edition which focused on a regional analysis of doctoral destinations in 2005.

Many years ago, Sara wrote the Career Doctor column for Science Careers.

The British Society of Immunology, (who were our very first client) – Sara wrote their previous career brochure on options for immunology graduates.

HESDA – an organisation that no longer exists… Luckily the wizards at the Internet Archive have made it possible to look at the work Sara did in 2000, interviewing former academic researchers about their career transitions into new fields, writing up case studies and developing a competence model for career transitions.

In a previous life Sara was a Careers Adviser and wrote a couple of occupational profiles for the Prospects website. Long since edited and replaced…

A lot of our current writing is done for clients and may only be available for their staff or members. If you are a member of the IOP you’ll be able to enjoy the following by entering the member’s section of the IOP website and following the links to careers resources.

Equilibrium – A Physicist’s Guide to Managing Career Breaks and Achieving Career Balance

Moving on: The Physics PhD Student’s Guide to Boosting Employability

New Directions: A Physicists Guide to Mid-Career Change and Options (including an interview with Brian Cox – get me)

Sara contributed to the development of the I am a Researcher section of the IOP careers website and has written a series of mini career booklets on topics including Application Forms, CVs and Interviews.